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Consulting services & business technologies

Salary – is the "gene of the company", which after studying, one may say much about the “health” of a corporate organization as a whole. Many years (since 1993) expertise of the specialists of the consulting company PánMyšlenek, s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic) and OOO "Sychyov & Ko" (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) testifies that: almost no consulting passes without expertize and/or the development (invention) of models of salary for the employees of the dear customers.
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We are NOT at all talking about "duty responsibilities" or "duty instructions", which is already plenty on the Internet. We are talking about real (and thus easy to verify and “changeable” on the directors’ side), actions of the employees when they fulfil their duties.
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TRIZ – Theory of inventive problem solving – is the strongest to date system for creating new ideas and inventions. It is widely known and used in many countries: In USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Japan, Spain, Canada etc.

Most of leading companies are actively using that methodology for improving their goods and services. Among those companies are Samsung Electronics, Intel, LG Electronics Inc., Lucent Technologies, Xerox, Boeing, Siemens etc.

With the help of TRIZ You can learn how: to create the inventions, to solve the taskss so complicated that they are considered intractable by the other people, to eliminate technical contradictions, to predict the development of the technologies.

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The strategy of developing a business: three tasks and three contents

Task 1. About the present. Why is no one buying (or not buying enough)? What to change in order for them to buy? If Your expectations about sales are not met…

Task 2. About the future. How to forecast? If the life-cycle of Your product is coming to an end…

Task 3. About the target. Where to invest? If Your available funds are melting…

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With an aim of setting a comfortable (for the work of employees as well as for a successful business) structure in the Company, our experts offer services in developing effective structures of the enterprise/section.
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Consulting of specialists on the principle of membership service or one-time help in solving the following problems:

  • The implementation of salaries/systems of motivation.
  • Difficult and conflictual situations:
  • Between the management and the employees,
  • Between the employees,
  • Between the officials.
  • An optimal distribution of functions between the employees.
  • Difficulties in selecting staff (for various reasons).
  • Anti-advertising of competitors.
  • Actions during difficult times on the market, during periods of depreciation etc.
  • An evaluation of Ideas, names, slogans, commercial offers etc.
  • Fighting infringements and errors.
  • Management of commercial employees who “deceive” the management.
  • Fighting time, Client, resource thefts at the Company.
  • For the management,
  • For trade,
  • For promotion,
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So the daydream of the Leader loaded with work is given material form to the following phrase: "Is there already ready-made package – universal and tested business pattern with all these functions, rates, salaries, standards and instructions? Moreover written "nearly under me" and "without water" checked by the specialists?"

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"Package for active sales "RI-ACTIVE" destined to manage the process of search for new Clients and/or reactivate former contacts.

Active sales - from the word "active" (!) the search for NEW Clients by telephone calls, personal meetings, and also through the renewal of contacts with former Clients.

It is important NOT to mix with the routine service because these are DIFFERENT functions demanding a different qualification and comprising of a different work load.

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If Your company has the following divisions:

  • Branches or representatives,
  • Trading spots or service offices,
  • Construction sites and shift camps,
  • Servicecentersorcollection-distribution points for orders
  • Etc.

This service will regularly report to You on each employee. In a handy package.

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