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Checking of the quality of work
Examples and templates

About the product

If Your company has the following divisions:

  • Branches or representatives,
  • Trading spots or service offices,
  • Construction sites and shift camps,
  • Servicecentersorcollection-distribution points for orders
  • Etc.

This service will regularly report to You on each employee.  In a handy package.

What it can do

You can make Your own or use ready-made checklists to check different job positions and departments in "RI-CHECK". With a list of the most typical mistakes, which could be made at any work place. You can add your own ideas on how to check the quality of work.

By installing the service on your smartphone (your own or of the controller), you can fix any noticed error with a simple "click" on the list. (You can also take a picture and comment.)

All the "clicks" are immediately processed and sorted in a handy report (and photo-report):

  • For each employee (worker),
  • For any period of time.

The information about the breaches:

  • goes to the phone of the manager and the workers themselves;
  • and can be included in the salary/wage of all the violators.

As a result, You completely control the situation. For all your facilities and departments.Even if there are lots of them and they are found in various places.


In addition to this service, Yоu can:

  • Get any ready checklist (for a long list of job positions) or
  • Order the development of checklists for any job position (if it is not found in the list) – send us a request.

Тechnical requirements

Technical conditions to set it up:

  • The application can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet with an “Android” operating system version 4.0 and upwards.
  • Reports and notifications can be obtained from it, they can be studied and processed on any computer, tablet or smartphone, operating Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android.


  • The technical support is free of charge and accessible to all.
  • The methodical support is free of charge.

You can always order more:

  • Developments and connections to the systems of new checklists (for other job positions of the company) or processing them for the needs of a specific enterprise.
  • Upgrading/resetting the system for the needs of the User.