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About the company

The Consulting company Pán Myšlenek s.r.o. (Prague, the Czech Republic) and OOO "Sychyov & Ko", (Rostov-on-Don, the Russian Federation) specialize in solving non-standard tasks in the field of management, marketing and Public Relations, and also in the field of technical inventions, development and implementation of the corresponding business methods and technologies.

Many methods, created by our specialists are based on TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving, Author – Genrich Altshuller).

Since 1993, the specialists of the company provide services in the field of management consulting:

We have experience in the creation, realization and carrying out of expertise of either small or large business projects, and also in the field of business training, marketing training, advertising, public relations and invention.

In the same field, for more than two decades, a few thousands of business seminars and trainings have been organized by our specialists for directors and specialists of companies, business holders and hundreds of trainings and consulting:

  • on business designing on the TRIZ database,
  • on methods of employee management problem-solving,
  • on the development of models of salaries,
  • on developing company standards, useful procedures and technologies,
  • on developing employment exercises,
  • on a promotion (marketing, advertising and Public Relations),
  • on sales and deals techniques,
  • on technical TRIZ (theory of inventive problem-solving),
  • others.

Business cases were created as well (ready-made documents and work technologies) for:

  • trade (active sales, wholesale, retail sales, trade "from the store" and "on order"),
  • management of companies as a whole/departmental,
  • promotion (marketing, advertising, PublicRelations).

We have developed and self-support:

  • www.triz-ri.com - the largest website in Russia and the CIS for open business methods and technologies "The Advertising Dimension", dedicated to the art of finding solutions in advertising and business needs.

    In it are openly laid out more than 500 methodical materials about management, marketing, advertising and Public Relations, which have been prepared on the basis of consulting a large number of enterprises of various activity profile in Russia and the CIS. The materials are reread on a regular basis because of their "long-playing" character.
  • www.triz-ri.ru/forum - one of the largest B2B Forum on the Russian net, which, unlike most Russian Internet forums, has a very high-quality business audience (CEOs, business owners and professionals from different cities). Currently, there are more than 12,000 discussions in 22 thematic sections. A total access to more than 25,000 topics.

The 20-year experience of the experts of “Sychyov & and Ko” testifies that almost no serious consulting occurs without expertise and/or the development (invention) of wages models. for the employees of the honorable Customer.

Thousands (without exaggeration) of salaries for various job positions have been developed and implemented by our specialists:

  • from directors of retail chains to the head of production;
  • from designers of architectural firms to programmers;
  • from lawyers to livestock experts;
  • from financiers to storekeepers;
  • from superintendents to the director of a river shipping company;
  • from the sales managers of an elite alcohol or tobacco shop to teachers of a music school;
  • from the salespeople of a supermarket or boutique to the estimator of design organizations;
  • from the secretary of the Back office of investment companies to insurance agents of railroads;
  • from the agents of real-estate companies to the interviewers of marketing agencies;
  • and almost until

Over 2 decades of experience we have accumulated a huge card file of solutions to complex salary problems, which allow the following:

  • Encourage employees to work with the more impact and effectiveness;
  • Carry out a "natural selection" of the most hardworking and able (alas, in the bulk of companies is already implemented the system of “unnatural selection” of employees);
  • Support feedback between all the departments of the company. In such a way, that for the slightest failure in the system, any employee (or a whole department of the company) must feel that it is a negative impact on his wages, and demand redress.

The biography of our leading specialists can be found here.

The list of services offered can be found here.

Reviews from our Clients about the work of the experts can be found here

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The Czech Republic
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