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Active sales

About the product

Active sales - from the word "active" (!) the search for NEW Clients by telephone calls, personal meetings, and also through the renewal of contacts with former Clients.

It is important NOT to mix with the routine service because these are DIFFERENT functions demanding a different qualification and comprising of a different workload.

In many companies where there are sales managers, there is no classification into active sales managers and operators of routine service. Employees are engaged in all activities - from the beginning up to the end. As a consequence, active search for new Clients is substituted by paper work only with current orders. Calls to find new contacts are not carried out, and only incoming calls and requests are accepted and processed. The Client database ceases to grow.

Typical examples - discussions on the professional Forum www.triz-ri.ru/forum:

  • "What should we do? Managers have "gorged"...
  • "Managers... are engaged in support of Clients instead of searching for new ones"
  • "Please give us some advice on how to stir up area managers"

Productivity decreases because of great losses in time occur due to the constant "switching" from one function to another: call acceptance - the issue of documents - personal meeting with the Client etc.

In the time of a fall in productivity, there is consequently a need for higher qualified managers. It not only increases their "cost", but also complicates the assignment of tasks and administration processes. It becomes difficult to trace errors, infringements and to supervise work stages. The situation "is not transparent" to control checks.

Each employee of the Company is like an independent state in the state with his ’’own’’ Client database - and may want "sovereignty" anytime. He can leave and the Clients leave with him.

There are some other "drawbacks" (not to say "mini braking actions") for example when the function to search for new Clients is not singled out.

Therefore the special DEPARTMENT of THE ACTIVE SALES which is engaged only in the search for new Clients ("cold" contacts and subsequently "convincing" on the first transaction) is allocated. As soon as the Client "has matured", it is transferred to servicing in the department of current support. And the work of the department of active sales (with this Client) comes to an end.

In the active sales department these 3 posts are provided:

  • the Senior active sales manager, who controls how the employees complete their functions in the department,
  • the Active sales manager for "cold" contacts, whose main function is to search for new Clients through telephone calls, personal meetings and visits, visiting exhibitions etc.
  • the Active sales manager (including "convincing" Clients), who convinces the most promising contacts into the first deal.

The content

The Active sales packet itself includes:

  • The description of the functions of the employees of the active sales department - completed to a verified condition (including - the expanded list of functional duties of the active sales Manager).
  • The instruction on the system of administration of active sales with forms of reports.
  • Categories and qualifying requirements for employees of the active sales department.
  • Firm standards of department for active sales.
  • Technique on increasing sales - with a complete description of all the exercises and illustrating examples.
  • The test (verifying) exercises used at the enrollment of new employees for active sales which checks their professional and personal qualities.
  • System of material motivation of active sales employees which includes:
    • Models of salaries, comprising of detailed Check-sheets (for the employee of each post)
    • Stature about the award;
    • Help through tables. The description of the result criteria.

Within several years the listed documents and techniques were applied in numerous companies which order statement services of the department of wholesales, trainings in active sale, and also in the process of consulting Users about the package of documents and techniques for the trading company "ANY-TRADE".

Тechnical requirements

For installing of the package "ANY-TRADE" is necessary

  • Windows - Versions 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • Any Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Excel

How much it costs

Active sales