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Tkalich (Remizova) Ksenia. Biography

Tkalich (Remizova) Ksenia, leading consultant To view the articles
Leading consultant in the TRIZ-RI Group.
Economist in the sphere of the "World Economy". Graduated from the Rostov State Economic University (RINH). The name of the diploma work is "Organization and technics of export operations in advisory services".
Management Consulting - Since 2004, active sales experience - since 2003.

Main fields of work:

  • Eleboration of the systems of the financial motivation of the staff,
  • Eleboration of the organizational structures of the companies and departments,
  • Optimizing work and number of employees,
  • Development of test exercises to select the employees,
  • Setting up sales departments,
  • Development of Business-cases, packages of ready documents for management:
    • By trading companies "ANY-TRADE" of any format, including for the management of
    • Active sales (search for new Clients) and trading representatives "RI-ACTIVE" and "RI-MERCHANT"
    • Supply and the department of promotion
    • Delivery department and stock
    • Staff department and office keeping
    • IT department
    • etc.
  • the departments of "RI-HOTEL"
  • units of any sphere of activity "ANY-TOOLS"